Steemit Blog - Part 03 – And the Winner is…

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And the Winner is…

Saturday, November 7th, 2020; it took almost a week for the President to be declared.

The current time in Wilmington 12:03 AM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

50,263,740 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

1,256,352 have died from the disease. 35,549,694 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

There are now more than 50 million cases of Coronavirus around the world.

Close to four million a week when it used to be three million new cases a week.

Now the transition to a new President and the tough job of rebuilding the economy during the Pandemic.

Unless we have lawsuits from President Trump challenging election results, something that seems very likely given the way the Administration has been running the country. There are lots of lawsuits floating around. Whatever devils the man Donald Trump has are at bay with the Pandemic, and so he could back down, and try to go back to being a private citizen.

It’s wait and see, the helter skelter of a reality television show live from the White House. Missed SNL, a perfect night for the AP to declare a winner.

One thing Trump has exposed is a media bias against him. In the future they could give him credit for Making America Great Again. He had a point in the debate about Biden never doing any of the things he ran on during his political career.

Yet now maybe that helps to drive the new President forward as he ran to the podium at 77-years-old to accept being named 46.

So what about Hemp?

The Biden promise, and if he makes good as a rebuke to Trump, is to build a new green economy for future generations. While not including Hemp in the plan, they have announced decriminalizing marijuana Hemp’s cousin. There’s even legislation for federally legal cannabis.

If this issue gets to lead the way into 2021 then things could work out. It would really allow the economy to rebuild at a faster rate. It also allows major corporations to source green material grown right here in the U.S.A.

Stocks have been up for the industry with Biden leading in the voting this week. So there’s no reason not to expect a subtle rise as the transition progresses, and a dramatic increase in trading if full legalization of marijuana happens.

This is not because Hemp couldn’t have done this without marijuana. Hemp needed some help after full legalization, and the Trump Administration will always be remembered for the hypocrisy of stifling the new green industry with over regulation, while slashing regulations against corporations that pollute the environment. Even business owner became afraid of this tactic as a looming apocalypse gripped the nation.

So we could be off and running into the future unless tripped up in litigation by a shadow that hides the truth of the motive.

We’ll be there to cover it as whatever events unfold.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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