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Attack on the Capitol

Saturday, January 9th, 2021; the United States remains shocked from recent events.

The current time in Washington D.C. 12:12 PM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

89,714,997 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

1,928,184 have died from the disease. 64,201,505 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

CNN called the attack on the Capitol an attempted coup. There seems to be coordinated communication between top Republicans and the mob. Some say that if Vice President Pence had joined in it would have worked as they would have taken control over the military.

That’s why they wanted to hang him because he wouldn’t go along and a truck load of bombs went unused. Guns not fired because the police were paid to give way. Everyone wants to know how bad it could have gotten.

The President’s Twitter blocked because he’s trying to incite violence and still more than a week in his term. It’s unreal to have gone through the Impeachment, Pandemic, Election 2020, and right as the New Year begins an attempted overthrow of the government to create an Emperor.

It makes me think of the Georgia Guide Stones. They talk of scaling back on the population, and with the turmoil in the Nation’s leadership that seems to be the direction this type of action means to lean us toward.

If the President cannot be removed from office right away, then there’s always a chance for more to go wrong, yet it seems that regardless of what else might take place the Trump Administration could be looking at serious jail time.

Not to mention if initial reports hold true, Donald Trump could be executed for treason against the United States Government along with some other top ranking Republicans.

The VP jumped off the track at just the right time. He’s a man of God that the country needed to standby this President until this moment in time. He escaped the gravity of the moment and saved our Democracy.

One other note on this event, the comparison of this mob against what we saw during Black Lives Matter.

First off this “Protest” at the Nation’s Capitol happened one time so far. Then the people all returned home. One person got shot by a police officer and three others died. Not to mention that the charges against people could be stiff. As we just mentioned a possible execution.

BLM took place in Portland for over 100 days in a row ending in the most catastrophic wildfire season in the history of the state. Not to mention Los Angeles and New York. Still remember watching BLM burn down a Police station in Minneapolis. The Police let it burn to the ground. No criminal charges filed as far as I know.

Did the events of this last summer play into the hands of the way this went down? We’re the same bad actors involved in both the Trump and BLM protests?

One other thing to think about, what if Hillary Clinton had made the move to change the results of the election? After all she won the Popular vote. The Impeachment played into the narrative that Trump had stolen that election.

It seems as if the Impeachment would not have happened at least. American Horror Story wouldn’t have stirred up the passive aggressive anger of American women, and we would have either had Hillary in the White House, or a more productive Trump Administration.

That’s where I kind of lose my connection with the mainstream media sometimes. It’s obvious they’ve been accusing him of stealing an election for four years that in the light of history goes down as a legitimate win at the polls. So this last gasp fight to cling to power could cement that if anyone noticed.

Just like the reason his Presidency failed remains his legalization of Hemp and then subsequent harassment of the industry with government regulation while he also cut down the EPA for the same reason. Biden winning the public trust with the promise of a Green economy to get us out of the mess we face at this time in history.

Only we go back to Trump being the center of attention as the most wanted criminal in the world right now while still in the seat of power. Not to mention all of his followers and the continued plague to the system they’ve become when we need all hands on deck to defeat the Pandemic.

These mad protestors without masks roaming the streets of this country like the living dead coughing and breathing on people that pass. It could get a lot worse before it gets better.

Hoping Hive and Steem can make a bull run on the heels of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency could be all there is in the near future.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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