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Chaos and Disorder

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021; chaos and disorder are a sign of the apocalypse.

The current time in Beijing 6:55 PM, Washington D.C. 6:55 AM, Moscow 1:55 PM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

130,942,414 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

2,852,904 have died from the disease. 105,423,478 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

Bitcoin Billionaires across the globe agree that they got involved in cryptocurrency because they foresaw the collapse of the current financial institution.

The Bible foretold of this scenario along with rumors of war, plague, and famine.

Scientists call this a mass extinction event. There have already been at least six others including the dinosaurs.

As the former CEO of “From A to Z” I’m truly disgusted with the lack of leadership transitioning to a Hemp based economy. It does everything they’re hoping to do, while costing less and providing even more support to more people, with the inclusion of the American Farmer.

My previous research and development team that I remain in contact with has stated, “they believe the window of time needed to prevent fatal climate results has closed”.

That’s with a prediction model that accounts for the slow adaptation to a sustainable green economic system. Only we are witnessing the total abandonment of adoption of such a system.

The new massive infrastructure plan does not include solar roadways. There’s no massive spending on Hemp biomass for industrial application. Most people know basic cement bricks are some of the most destructive building materials known to man, and yet they continue to be utilized everywhere. Hemp bricks are a significant step up and could be produced at cost.

This last point alone describes the impossibility of the big money machine to take into account practices best for its consumers. Only recently were corporations asked to step up about the voting rights in Georgia.

The Biden Administration doesn’t make a stand for the use of Hemp while Democrats paint themselves as Hemp supporters for votes. Many Republican farmers grow Hemp while that party did little to create economic zones.

According to the research and development team, “drastic steps must now be taken along with scientific breakthroughs, in order to prevent mass casualties, as the result of climate change”.

It becomes more and more difficult to save the world from humans.

Yet what about the Martians?

There’s a legend that a civilization once ruled our solar system from a planet that existed where the asteroid belt is now. They were apart of the great builders, who controlled at least 44 solar systems in our region. They’re all connected through gravitational bonds that help speed travel. They build pyramids everywhere.

A war began with another empire in the Milky Way Galaxy that had death star like weapons. The planet was destroyed and now there’s the asteroid belt. Mars was hit as well and striped of its atmosphere. The weapon was destroyed and the war saw the decline of both societies into extinction.

Even so, in years before the final collapse, a group of survivors lived in the moon, a secret military outpost during the war with Earth not colonized. Just a lush tropical paradise. Only they did start to build colonies and made communication links. However, this setup was wiped out from an unexpected solar flare. The evidence is hidden inside the Moon.

There’s also talk that we’re on the verge of discovering new intelligent life. It’s only possible in the inhabitable zone of the Milky Way Galaxy. Just like a planet around the sun, solar systems can only exist at certain distances from the central black hole, without serious technological developments we can’t even imagine right now. Once again, if we are not able to make contact and develop, then all life on our planet is destined to die out.

As you can see, it’s in favor of a mass extinction event. In order to survive we must be the one. We have to be the Michael Jordan of planet management in order to survive as a species long enough to ensure survival into infinity.

It’s not given to all, only to the ones that can finish the American Ninja course in time.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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