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New World Order

Saturday, December 19th, 2020; we are on the verge of a New World Order.

The current time in Phoenix 9:24 AM, Rio de Janeiro 1:25 PM, Barcelona 5:26 PM, Hanoi 11:26 PM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

76,249,410 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

1,686,130 have died from the disease. 53,488,422 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

One last conspiracy theory before we move on to the Biden Administration next year, if it happens.

The Russians got the Trumps in the White House. They acted as Russian Emissaries the entire time and with the help of Snowden helped hack into all of our digital assets.

A recent report says that the biggest breaches were in March, when the Pandemic got bad in the United States, so we are compromised.

If this disease keeps spreading exponentially then hospitals could reach capacity across the nation. At this time first responders are being given a vaccine rushed through at warp speed that uses new technology never put into action until now. It could be a Russian designed vaccine. If it turns into something sinister we could see first responders going down at the most crucial time.

There’s not much a hospital can do without medical staff. This is all worst case scenario with no evidence that can be supplied in court.

So there you go, just putting it out there as a possibility.

Hopefully the vaccine works and we are back on the road to recovery. If Biden gets his cabinet then we’ll see if a new group with something to prove can solve some overwhelming problems.

One never mentioned, the national deficit that now spirals out of control as every county in the country needs help to stay afloat. Then there are natural disasters that are not prepared for and a lagging response.

We want to build a new economy of green energy and renewable resources. Only China has already begun to retool in order to sell these products to the United States. We just work in service industry jobs and sell them all of our real estate.

That’s why I’m thinking that if the vaccine works, Biden will face the pressure that has subdued every politician before him, and embrace a pro oil industry stance. They’ll tell him it’s the only way to get the support to create economic recovery now. In desperation he’ll abandon his ambition for things he ran on and never delivered again.

While this plan could work given the existing infrastructure, America could once again look ready to lead the world again, and then forest fires are going to hit in September coupled with a record breaking hurricane season that knocks us back down again.

The cycle continues until God knows when. When do the environmental wackos finally get their day and can point to when the world ended.

Yet there’s the possibility that Europe can save us by keeping us in the climate treaty. It binds us together in equity that America must bleed out for a while more now. Eventually we could meet a median value and global stability as the Russians and Chinese remain in their fiefdoms watching the rest of us move around with purpose.

Things have finally gotten that bad.

And the National Debt? An invention of banking and bankers can find a way to eliminate debt with no one paying. Just launch it into outer space and wait for the return on investment.

Only time will tell.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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