Steemit Blog - Part 03 – No One’s in Charge

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No One’s in Charge

Sunday, November 15th, 2020; still waiting for the finale on Election 2020.

The current time in Anchorage 3:17 AM, Phoenix 5:18 AM, El Paso 5:19 AM, Philadelphia 7:20 AM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

54,446,586 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

1,320,225 have died from the disease. 37,962,285 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

More than four million cases a week. We were at three million a week not long ago. When the Pandemic first hit they talked about this virus spreading exponentially. That’s why they needed to get control over it fast, from the start, to keep manageable with the ability to contact trace.

Only we lost containment, and in the thousands the rapid growth doesn’t seem like much. Now it hits the millions and people start to get worried that this could keep getting worse. That’s true when hospitals get overcrowded and the death rate increases. So far the death rate remains steady at 3% after dropping off from 21% on Easter Sunday, when this blog began tracking the statistic.

This Pandemic continues without a President of the United States.

The votes are still being counted and disputed. President Trump has let go of top military and security positions in preparation for holding on to power? While President-elect Biden waits in the wings to take command lacking the guidance of the outgoing administration.

Conspiracy theories so bountiful on all fronts while trying to rationalize what were following live as it happens. Over the next two months Biden should be slowly taking over the reins. Unless President Trump can pull something off in the courts like he seems confident of being able to achieve. Or there’s a powder keg somewhere in Washington D.C. that goes off, and that’s the secret fear of everyone, that the light of Democracy can be extinguished with National Debt and a dependence on a foreign power.

That’s how this Nation began, biting the hand that feeds it with a flare for liberty. Like the failure of a rebellious teenager that must return home to live with parents. So to could America be on the brink of a failure, only on such an epic proportion without a home to return to, and thus defeating our enemies as well with a suicidal freefall into the abyss of the unknown.

No longer in control of our own destiny, we must discover if the virus can re-infect patients on a mass scale or stays confined to a handful of odd cases. Can we get a cure? Vaccines sound more like a medical treatment and less of a virus killer. How long can this go on? An endemic with no ending in the near future and always the fear of catching the bug?

This blog will continue as the Pandemic continues and the events of the future unfold.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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