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The Last Debate

Sunday, October 25th, 2020; the Presidential race remains too close to call.

The current time in Anchorage 8:36 AM, Adelaide 3:37 AM, Doha 7:38 PM, and Kyiv 6:39 PM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

43,142,970 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

1,156,945 have died from the disease. 31,778,181 have recovered. 4% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

Watched the Presidential debate. Much better than last time with each candidate actually talking about some issues related to the questions asked. They said they were going to mute their mics and they didn’t do it. They said they wouldn’t be allowed to interrupt each other and now it’s a statistic on debate performance.

Loyal readers now what I’m going to point out next: Not a Single Mention of the Hemp Industry.

Remember in 2019 the Hemp industry looked like the next gold rush. Then over regulation at a crucial time during the first harvest stopped the momentum. This action taken by a President that both pushes to deregulate environmental standards on other industries and legalized Hemp at the same time.

Lots of jobs lost, small family farms went under, people committed suicide, and the President still gets to claim that the environment is improving because Hemp growers are tenacious and keep going even with hurdles thrown at them.

Biden talks about the new Green Economy, and never once incorporates the Hemp industry or American farmers. It’s all taxes and caps.

And with the tight race they could easily adopt the Hemp industry as a cause. Only they won’t, and that might seem odd to someone new to this blog.

Only the loyal readers from the start understand that the conspiracy that motivates the Hemp Revolution is true. This plant does threaten multiple powerful industries from Big Pharma to Timber. The same industries that are responsible for most of the current environmental disasters. So much money, and so many lives sacrificed in vain as the human race could go extinct from greed on Wall Street.

No matter who wins.

This post will go up after Halloween and right before the election. The week delay keeps this blog from getting too heated, as both candidates are aware of it as the light shines in their eyes, while they remain powerless to do anything to spring forth a new era of Hemp and Space Exploration. Yet it’s happening in the private sector.

Guess we have to wait for Lebron James to become President. Thought of writing a story called the African American Coup where Kamala Harris’ people make sure something happens to Biden within the first year, and then Kamala appoints King James of the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers as Vice President, ensuring at least 16 years of Black Power.

Most likely more, as they could continue to bring in Vice Presidents from Pop Culture, and if their policies actually made Hemp and Space a mainstream reality, then they might not ever be deposed except for voting districts and the Electoral College.

So you’re guess is as good as mine. And the election should be over for a second week before we can review where we are at on this blog.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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