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Western Wildfires

Sunday, September 13th, 2020; From California, to Oregon, to Washington; wildfires.

The current time in Los Angeles 5:20 AM, San Francisco 5:21 AM, Portland 5:21 AM, and Seattle 5:21 AM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

28,982,657 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

925,263 have died from the disease. 20,853,636 have recovered. 4% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

Nearly two million cases for the second week in a row. Death rate remains the same.

I don’t know. The entire West Coast is on fire, slept through a particularly dangerous emergency that could have been fatal. The wind took the fire the other way, more than 600 homes, 100 businesses, and possibly other structures burned to ash. Five people have died. The cause of the fire: manmade. Who and how still not determined. Now two towns off the map. A crime scene. It’s this area’s 9/11 moment. It happened on 9/11 week. A Black Lives Matter display taken down, reappeared in the smoke as the hills blazed, a miracle like the Star Spangled Banner.

Just horrific, and the Pandemic remains ongoing.

This happened in Australia last year. We were shocked by the constant loss of animal life as acres burned turning the skies red.

Siberia has been burning and the smoke drift here. Alaska burns and the glaciers melt at both poles. We need to move to Mars because Earth is uninhabitable at the start of a mass extinction event.

All these wasted years of prohibition. Is it too late for the Hemp revolution to save earth by minimizing the impact to natural habitats through the inclusion of a sustainable natural resource? It remains to be seen. Yet in this worst case scenario goes the checkbook. Hope to have profits and leisure time in a port city of my choice. Now the burden of working under apocalyptic conditions, while labor must be exact with maximum effort to fight off an impending death. We’re all here together just trying to #Survive.

Still have the free time, to create theories on the nature of the Universe while writing this blog. Like an explanation on unaccounted for dark energy tugging on super clusters. The entire Universe rotates, and creates gravitational tugs on the 3-D ligatures of our cosmic web. And another on the light that travels across the Universe with no mass, implying no gravity. Yet there is gravity on the light as black holes can bend light back to the event horizon. So when we observe the cosmos the light that reaches us now travels faster, than it did, when it left its source. This could help with red shift and an expanding universe. Do we need gravity to see light?

The wildfires are scary. First the heat in the ground as a large fire looms just beyond sight. Then the unnatural coolness as sunlight gets blocked by the black ash in the smoke on a late Summer’s day.

Rain leads to mudslides.

Winter could be here sooner than we think. Worry about all the people, lots of people that lost so much all at once, on top of the damage already from the Pandemic. What’s going to happen?

O God can we be saved through environmental technology? This put out there unsuccessfully when my writing career first began with the hope to work with a big band. Wish I could have pulled it off. It might have saved the Earth by getting people going 15 years ago.

Only now is Hemp legal. Only now are we willing to make sacrifices to a reeling economy instead of relying on subsidized 19th century technology killing the Earth.

The Lords of Hemp take action to make it happen. Going so far as to terraform Mars.

Just got to keep writing these blogs once a week. Only journey from home in search of food. Life becoming more and more difficult out there; where we used to drive like it was a sport. Something to pass time on Earth, moving from one location to another in order to compare the two. Now just hunkering down in the bunker riding out this wave of terror.

Praying to God to survive these wildfires, while maintaining the strength to get through the Pandemic. No Vaccine yet, don’t hold your breath, and wear a mask.

We are all soldiers against the invisible foe. God bless you.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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