Think Twice When Buying A Vape Cartridge



Hello Steem! What a great day to be alive. Today I want to share with you all what I like to vape. I am a flower guy, and rarely use concentrates. But when I do, I prefer them with Dos Equis. Just kidding! Seriously it is very important to know what you are consuming, and when you are heating up a substance, and inhaling it, it is critical that you know what you are consuming. There are so many knock offs, and even worse, bad people who are willing to cut with stuff that is very bad to vape! What a lot of people do not know, is the cartels in Mexico, are now converting there cannabis into oil, read here. Now I am not saying there doing a crappy job of it, in fact I am sure there are some true artists down there making concentrates, just like they are here. There are lot's of variables on what can go wrong. We don't know what the farmers are spraying on their crops. When money is involved, there will be bad people who are willing to put people in danger, so they can profit.

So cutting agents, and pesticides sprayed on crops are a factor when it comes to harmful vape products. But what about a cartridge that is indica, or sativa? Did you know that when making oil most of the terpenes are stripped away in the process? Terpenes are what determine the effects of the cannabis. So here comes more additives. Most cartridges will add food grade terpenes into the oil to add flavor. But are these even safe to smoke? For me, I find the food grade terpenes unpleasant, and I am not a kid no more, so I don't want my cannabis to taste like artificial watermelon, I want it to taste like cannabis! Yes cannabis can smell and taste like watermelon. But it is different then when it is man made. This is why when I buy cartridges to vape on, I always get 100% pure cannabis, and only make the exception when cannabis terpenes are added, instead of food grade. So next time you go to purchase a cart from your local dispensary, ask your bud tender what kind of terpenes are added, or if any at all. If your are buying on the black market, buyer beware!


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Awesome post, You are so right on them being really shiny made. I had one week ago and they added clove oil to it. The shit was nasty

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