El Dorado hybrid sample, Thursday Broadcasts on Canna-Curate Discord

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I rolled up an afternoon sample of the El Dorada indica buds from the ocs.ca delivery. It was a lightly cushioned and euphoric balanced energy day buzz, with an energetic mind and a sweet skunky woody pine diesel and slightly fruity citrus zest flavor. Tune in to the Thursday Night Broadcasts on the Canna-Curate Discord Invite.

El Dorado

El Dorado is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain has unknown genetics, but it originates from Oxaca, Southwestern Mexico (Source). These El Dorado buds, by the Edison Cannabis Company, have a smooth 17.5% THC.


Bright and spicy looking El Dorado buds with fire red pistils, and muted greens, and golden amber trichomes, with a sweet fruity woody clove scent from the alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and caryophyllene terpenes (Terpene Source).


The Roll Up

I went with the Cheech & Chong signature papers for the El Dorado roll up. Top quality light weight hemp fiber papers, they burn slow and smooth.



El Dorado flavor

Sweet and skunky woody pine diesel and lightly fruity citrus zest flavor with a touch of pungency - bright and slightly spicy terpenes. Cushioned with a clear and motivated mind, rush of euphoria from the terpenes. Smooth cushion with underlying creative diesel energy, eye lids relaxing as the relaxing indica side kicks in - balanced energy day buzz, I'll save these El Dorado buds for mornings, afternoons, or early evenings.


Know Your Local Laws, Contact a Doctor for Medical Advice.

Thursdays on the Canna-Curate Discord

Tune in to the GHRO Thursday Night Broadcasts on the Canna-Curate Discord (Invite).


  • 6PM PST is the Thursday Roll Up with Mr Agga (@mraggaj) for cannabis news, talk, and music
  • 7PM PST is the Jon and Blunt Show with @jonyoudyer and the @bluntsmasha for cannabis and crypto topics.


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