Northern Lights and Raspberry Diesel - Update on the Grow

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A month ago I started soaking the Northern Lights seeds. 23 days ago the seeds had already popped, been planted, and risen from the dirt as seedlings - no luck with the MK Ultra seed that I had also soaked, I started soaking Bruce Banner and Raspberry Diesel seed to grow a potential mate for the Northern Lights. 12 days ago a Raspberry Diesel seedling had already emerged from the ground. This year's legal grow of 4 cannabis plants had been determined, 3 Northern Lights and 1 Raspberry Diesel - I'm hoping for at least one male plant for cross breeding.


Northern Lights is one of my favorite strains for ultimate relaxation. It's quick to smooth out stress or pain, and sets the stage for a good night sleep - pure indica goodness, sweet and dank citrus flavor.


Flowering time: 6-7 weeks, Yield: High, Grow difficulty: Easy, Climate: Prefers long summer seasons and warm, sunny climates between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit., Indoor/outdoor: Northern Lights is a great choice for indoor growers.




The Raspberry Diesel cannabis strain is a 40/60 sativa hybrid, created with the crossing of the Sour Diesel x Sweet Cherry Afghani strains - I like to have a sativa around for morning or afternoon, so my head doesn't get too foggy from all day indica smoke. The Raspberry Diesel buds had a smooth energy and euphoria with a refreshing sweet berry and light diesel spice flavor.


The plant produces lavish crops with enormous hard buds with delicious fruity aromas. The harvest comes after 63-68 days of the flowering and can bring a yield more 550 gr/m2.



Indica Vs. Sativa

Out in the wild, Indica genetics generally come from mountainous and cooler climates with less sun and shorter growing seasons, Sativas genetics are generally from lower elevation and warmer climates with lots of sun and long growing seasons, and hybrid genetics would be somewhere in between. Indica and Sativa strains generally have different effects when consumed - indica is relaxing, sativa is more energetic. Due to the short growing season in Ontario, Canada, for a larger yield I like to start my cannabis plants in March, indoors with artificial lights, then transplant them outdoors in May, after the last frost. The Northern Lights indica will finish flowering before winter. To be sure the Raspberry Diesel sativa finishes flowering, I'll persuade it to start the flowering early by artificially shading it when the time comes.

Grow Closet


I had a grown desk, but I couldn't hang my light high enough to get full light coverage, so I built a grow closet. It was in the basement, but I moved it upstairs because was getting a little too chilly down there for an optimal growth.


The Raspberry Diesel on the right is catching up to the leaf size of the Northern Lights on the left, but with the extra two weeks of growth, the Northern Lights has two sets of the larger leaves.


Three more weeks until they are transplanted outside, I've been taking them on the deck on the sunny days for them to get used to the wind and natural sunlight - hardening them. It's always zen-like working in the garden, watching the plants grow.

Know your local laws, contact a doctor for medical advice.

Are you planting a garden this year ?


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Northern lights a classic! That raseberry diesel sounds very interesting. Almost every Sour Diesel fruity cross I ever had has been truly amazing! Happy growing


I remember once i was a little stressed and my stomach in knots - maybe it was too much sativa lol, but buddy showed up with some Northern Lights, instant relaxation. Sours seem to have just the right amount of hype to them - i'm a big fan of the sour flavor, the Raspberry Diesel has that touch of sour to it, but also refreshing raspberry, I was happy to get quite a few seeds from them. I have a name picked out for their babies but i don't wan to jinx it lol.

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Many Thanks steemcurator04 :)