RIFF Hawaii Heartbreak Strain from OCS, The State of Hawaii slightly Decriminalized Cannabis in 2020

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I cracked open the RIFF Hawaii Heartbreak zip-lock pouch from the Ontario Cannabis Store delivery for a taste of the flavor and effects. The package says Indica, but it feels more like a sativa hybrid - cushioned and social euphoric energy.

Hawaii Heartbreak

The Hawaiian Heartbreak cannabis strain from the RIFF company has unknown genetics and was green house grown in Leamington, Ontario. They have a smooth 19% THC, and a balance of the Limonene, Nerolidol and Caryophyllene terpenes (Source).


Beautiful green, purple, orange, and amber multi-color Hawaii Heartbreak buds with a candy-like sweet fruity herbal citrus zest spicy aroma.


Cannabis in Hawaii

The State of Hawaii slightly decriminalized cannabis this past January 11, 2020 - for small amounts under 3 grams there's a fine instead of jail time (Source). That's an improvement, but hopefully soon Hawaii will find a form of legalization that doesn't include a fine. Medical cannabis has been legal in Hawaii since 2000, medical cannabis card holders can grow their own. Medical cannabis dispensaries opened in 2015, and started manufacturing and selling additional cannabis medicine products in 2017. They also added more conditions that would qualify someone for a cannabis prescription, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (Source).


the bowl

The turtle bowl seemed like an appropriate choice for the Hawaii Heartbreak sampling.



Most buds from the Ontario Cannabis Store are dried to a crisp. I placed a piece of the bud in the bottom of the bowl, then crumbled bud into the bowl with my fingers.



Sweet lemon lime citrus skunky vanilla diesel zest flavor - sweet crisp and clean lemon lime flavor with a touch of tartness, very nice.



The euphoric and cushioned buzz starts off laid back with relaxed eye lids, and then the energetic side creeps in with energetic and social mind focus. I enjoyed the energetic day buzz, skipped the caffeine.

Know your local laws, contact a doctor for medical advice.

Do you prefer indica or sativa ? - If you had to choose one.


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nice purple on there too 🔥


I love seeing the multi-color buds, so tasty :)

These day's I am enjoying more of the indicas. When it comes to edibles, I am enjoying the high CBD to THC side of things. Gives me the best sleep ever!


I definitely lean to the indica side - I'll have to try CDB edibles some time, track down a high CBD strain to grow.

Wow.... fantastic. Upvoted at 100% and added to the @offgridlife Curation Trail.


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