Cannabis Girlscout Cookies Concentrate Cartridge from Harbor Collective, $15 for a half gram & pay with steem + ackza drives you there free if your in San Diego this week!

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As for now, come through me if you're over 21 & I'll convert your steem/sbd to cash & even drive you to pick up the legal cannabis! San Diego Steemians, ackza will pick u up, cash out your steem, & help you get LEGAL cannabis! 21+ & Follow All Ca laws

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I can advertise for you regularly and help your business grow. Send 1 SBD and I will resteem your posts regularly for 14 days. 20 Post max. Good luck with your business, that's great that you can cash out STEEM for WEED! Awesome!


hahah how many folowers do you have? Normally id say you were postin spam careful how you word that! But ui can tell you are a DABstar from ru name you must be cananbis inetersted, but just careful how you say send 1 sbd justr say you will set upa deal like sbd for resteems, when you word it the way you word it it LOOKS too much like the spams in the comments sections,

I might take you up on the offer if you actually had thousands of real high SP followers , but sorry man hahah I get resteems for free :D and usually people resteem stuff for free if they want to help anyway LOL no need to have tpo spend 1 sbd that's a lot Lol but I aprecoiate the hustle so heres san upvote instea dman :D

Thats incredible mahnnnn...

Happy 4/20, bud! Have a great day, and thanks for helping your local people get hooked up.