Marijuana and Foreplay (An Excerpt)

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"Foreplay is classically the woman's problem. Marriage manuals, usually authored by sexually frustrated psychologists who sublimate by writing about dirty things, always tell us that women have to be slowly and gently brought to a level of sexual desire, whereas men, like some sex crazed animal, become filled with a frenzied lust immediately upon seeing a flash of thigh on a windy downtown street. Well, to some extent and in many cases, they're right. Except for couples who have been married for many years (where the situation is often reversed,) the man is usually sexually ready immediately while the woman is not. It becomes necessary, then, for the man (or his assistant) to arouse the woman through foreplay so that she will be where he is when they begin intercourse.

"Here again grass comes to the rescue like some melodramatic bow-tied hero, and with a money back guarantee. Being stoned on grass will increase a man's interest in foreplay. It is simply another extension of Hung-upedness. If one can get hung-up for ten minutes by the splashing drops of water from a faucet, imagine what one can do when confronted with the sight of a pair of heaving breasts, or the smooth curving feel of full hips and firm thighs..."

A Child's Garden of Grass
by Jack S. Margolis and Richard Clorfene

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Just don't drink too much or out comes the whiskey dick


That is the alcohol and foreplay book. Not recommended without the amphetamine and foreplay pamphlet.