Silver Stackin: 2013 Cannabis 1oz Silver Round


Welcome to my Silver Stackin Post

This special round I picked up a couple months ago. I decided to grab 2 just in case I came across another cannabis round someone wants to trade.


I do really like the one @drutter has on his profile pic. So if anyone has that one, this one is up for trades, let me know in the comments section.

Toad Divide.png


As you may have noticed it's designed as a mock of the world famous Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, with the Cannabis Leaf overlaying the Maple Leaf in the background.

Toad Divide.png


The design comes from the Silver Shield - Silver Bullet series and I acquired it through which is where I get most my coins from since they have a large selection and better prices than the local shops.

Toad Divide.png


Thanks for checking out my post and as always keep on Blazin and keep on Stackin Steemians!

Toad Divide.png

earth tribe.png

12.5SP - 25SP - 50SP - 100SP - 250SP - 500SP - 1000SP

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What, this old thing?

silver sativa.png


That most certainly is the one. Love that Sativa Leaf!


I will look through my silver and see if I've got one of them I could trade. I used to be the designated international dealer for them, but they're so popular that they get sold or gifted or traded all the time. The indica and ruderalis were nice too, but that Sativa (the first in the series) is so iconic and pretty. I used to love opening up full boxes of those babies, all gleaming and pristine.


Oh wow. Yeah man if you ahve an extra i would buy or trade one of these ones for sure.

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