Card from canna fest.

8개월 전

I met some cool people at canna fest. First person there was Richard who gave me a couple of these. I’ve been thinking maybe a card next to a couple plants in my garden might make a good post. Well, here it is. I’m hoping to learn more about crypto currency, and love the idea of a social media platform like this. It’s got potential and could be a new cool way to send funds and interact with people all over the world. I’ve been learning about crypto from a friend over in the canna server, and am thankful. I bought some bitcoin and litecoin on his advise, nothing big, and will buy some more here and there. Has I get older, the more a system like this, decentralized and independent, appeals to me. I want peace for all and think crypto could help. I’m excited about my last post and how it was seen by some cool people 😎. Another person I met there came and commented on my latest post and encouraged me to post again. Well, hello friends. I’m going to try and in my little way to help everyone who is a part of this. This is what this is all about. Interacting with people all over that you might not meet otherwise. Thank you for looking at my post. I’m going to try and post more and look forward to seeing and meeting new people.

                        Peace ✌️

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That weedcash logo looks so good with those buds! Great post cowboy. This is what social media is about, connections!

Hey again, hope Richard brings a big batch of those cards to Canna Fest for us all to take back to our hometowns and pass around. Nice.

I know everyone always compliments your flower, and those are lovely, but as a grower myself I would also like to say those are some truly perfect looking leaves. Beautiful leaves make beautiful flowers. Very happy plants. You’re a great plant dad. 💚

Glad your making an investment into cryptocurrenty! And that you've chosen the good real crypto BTC! Buds look sick!


Its all about that BCH baby! ;)

Love the weedcash card - inspired us to do the same at @naturalmedicine, just gotta order them now! Interactions both in real life and on this awesome platform is what it's all about! xx

OH damn! I need me one of those cards. Will you be at Canna Steem fest 2?

Love the card! Welcome to the crypto world and glad you made it over to the weedcash network!


peace for all

is what made me join this decentralized blockchain thingy too... for I had kind of a similar feeling about a possibility here to free ourselves from the governed slavery we born in! As long as we have electricity the revolution will not be televised, for sure, but blockchained... hehe.

Would be cool to see you sometimes here, I'm sure you're a helping hand to get this peace for all. Nice Pic btw.!

Fire buds. And total fire. Nice seeing you back.

I tweeted the post cowboy. Really cool!


Thank you, I have been thinking about doing a new one. ✌️

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Very very freaking nice! Hey tell him to screen shot, wait @richardcrill maybe post a great up close shot of one that we can use digitally. Like at the bottom of post. Maybe. Eh dont listen to me. Lololol. They look great though

What Is Litecoin?? haha jk;))

Awe cowboy! Touching words my friend. I get stressed and down, but people like you is why I stay. Thanks for being a cool dude, and never change for nobody.

Nice looking Weedcash card, and weed!

Congrats on your crypto investment. I hope to see more posts from you in the future! :)

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Yum. Welp I better damn well make it to the next cannafest.

I absolutely love this post! So cool to see the card next to those beautiful colas! The canna fest was so cool! I'm looking forward to seeing you and everyone at the next one!


So cool to meet you and everyone, and I’m excited to see you guys this year

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I think holding some crypto is good for everyone's portfolio. A little at a time adds up to a lot sooner or later. Yes, it is good to make connections and make new friends!

I missed out on CannaFest 1, but hope to see ya'll at CF2! Always a fan of yours @cowboyblazerfan .


I’ll be there, God willing. Thanks for stopping by, I’m a big fan of yours too, man

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