14 Percent Fewer Prescription Medications For Cannabis Users

3개월 전

There are thousands of people who have died because of an overdose of prescription medicine and for those who are able to find options that might pose them less risk, that could mean drastically improving their life in a variety of ways or even saving it.

A variety of surveys have shown that pain patients and patients in general prefer to opt for cannabis medicine over opioids. It has been shown to help those patients to come off of some of their other prescription medications.

It might mean saving lives.

One study of self reported cannabis users found that they had reduced their prescription use on average by about 14 percent.

Cannabis has shown promise in some, when researchers have searched to see if it might help things like anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and more.

Previous investigation has suggested that cannabis use has increased significantly in the last few years as markets have sprung up in various places that are still heavily restricted but gradually offering more variety. If more markets were to ease those restrictions and people given the right to research this plant more, or explore this potential medicinal path for themselves, then we might likely see a lot more evidence to support the notion that there are a wide variety of benefits to be reaped.


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