Cannabis Dispensary Lawsuit Dropped Over New License Lottery

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You might want to get into the cannabis market and start your own company but that doesn't mean you will be given the chance.

You might tell yourself that you vow to follow "all of the rules" and that you're going to make it "legit," but that still doesn't mean you will be given a fair chance to compete and serve those in your community and elsewhere.

Because the government only gives a small percentage of people the chance to get into the market.

For example, city officials get to determine how many dispensaries there will be or what products they will be able to sell, these actions greatly limit freedom and success of the market by getting in the way of creative and useful innovation along the way.

If they are only going to give permission for 5 stores to be opened in a certain region, and say 100 people have a dream of pursuing that career there, then you can see how many of them are going to have their business goals crushed by the violent criminalization that the government imposes. Regardless of how ready they are to comply, how prepared and equipped they are to serve the market, or how much the market might want those products or to support that individual, the government just simply won't allow it.

In the years since various places have legalized cannabis, there have been some dispensary operators and others who didn't 'win' those permit contests. There were many who weren't given the freedom to pursue their business goals.

A number of lawsuits have been launched against the state in response to this, with allegations of corruption that have come along with those fights.

A Lack Of Transparency

Growers that have spent years serving the market and earning their knowledge in this area, are pushed out by corporate growers who might not have the slightest clue about what they're doing, in comparison, when it comes to knowing how to serve that market in the best way possible.

It isn't a small few who should be given a shot at entering the market, anyone willing to serve the community should be given that fair shot. Rather than the government making the choice, the customers are the ones who should get to determine who wins or fails, not the government before they've even started.

In Illinois, a number of unsuccessful cannabis dispensary applicants that launched a lawsuit recently decided to drop it because the state announced a 2nd lottery for licenses to get into the cannabis market. The government has made a complete mess of cannabis markets in cities around the United States and elsewhere.

From Vegas to Chicago and other regions, many people who are interested in getting into the "legal" cannabis market want the process to be fair and transparent and that shouldn't be too much to ask. If they continue in restricting many from entering, they can expect to endure more lawsuits from those who are fighting against it.


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