Man Sentenced to Life in Prison For $30 of Cannabis Set Free


D. Harris had been sentenced to life in prison without parole for $30 worth of cannabis. He was supposed to spend his remaining life behind bars in state prison, because of a 2008 sale of cannabis to an officer.

Harris was recently re-sentenced to time fully served.

That is thanks to the Promise of Justice Initiative which ended up with Harris being re-sentenced to 9 years instead of life without parole.

He isn't the only individual who has been sentenced to years behind bars for a victimless crime, involving the sale, growing, or use of cannabis etc.

No individual should spend a single second behind bars for a plant like cannabis.

This plant has never been known to cause any death to this day and there is no sense that it remain as criminally restricted as it still is in many places.

Initially, Harris who got 15 years for the cannabis sale, was later sentenced to life because of the Habitual Offender Law, he had prior convictions. But there are others who have faced the same situation, of having their life ruined over their cannabis exchanges. There is no justice seen when you sentence growers or patients to life behind bars.

Along with the spread of control that the government has exerted through legalization in many states, and the tens of thousands of cannabis convictions around the country that have been dismissed, there are still too many individuals behind bars today for cannabis. Just the same, there are still too many people being arrested over cannabis-related activities despite what many might feel is a growing acceptance for this market.


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