Police Still Focusing On Cannabis In Recent Weeks

5개월 전

The coronavirus has impacted law enforcement just as it has other industries.

In the past several weeks, law enforcement agencies in general are not conducting business as usual, with having to put on masks or having less manpower than they would normally have in order to deal with any issues in their community.

But regardless of the changes, the police still appear to be prioritizing cannabis prohibition. Whatever pays the bills, right?

They haven't eased up on the drug war tactics to try and focus that limited man power on more important matters at this time.

In California, police there recently busted an "illegal grow" operation that had thousands of plants, more than 3k cannabis plants. What they did in reality was they basically busted down a gardening operation that wasn't causing anyone else violent harm to themselves or to their property, as far as we can tell.

Around the world cannabis farms are still being busted, they haven't forgotten to make criminals out of patients and gardeners at this trying time. Should we have expected them to? Not likely.

Money is what drives cannabis prohibition not any urgency for safety.

Policing cannabis is not what many people feel their police resources should be spent on though, surveys demonstrating support from people around the world for decriminalization and legalization showcase this very clearly.

There are other criminal enterprises which are more threatening to communities around the world and those issues are what law enforcement should be spending their time tackling, not plants.

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Gotta keep the enforcers busy to justify their fat paychecks , plus we cannabis offenders are easy pickings for the gestapo.


joint holders get life meanwhile those convicted of kidnapping and assault get 1-4 years😃 it all makes sense doesn't it

Very true. They need to keep there numbers up, so they can get more funding. On the legal side of the spectrum, they are busting grows on tax charges. It's crazy! Hopfully a middle ground can be found, until we can come up with better laws, and get rid of a lot of laws that are on the books.

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