Study Finds Surprising Health Results With Lifelong Cannabis Users

3개월 전

There are a variety of negative assumptions about cannabis users and the potential negative consequences that might be reaped from using cannabis on a regular basis for years.
But there are some users who have been using for years and haven't yet developed any issues. One previous cannabis study that followed 1,000 cannabis users for 40 years in New Zealand, found that after 20 years of smoking cannabis regularly that most of those users did not show any sign of a decline in lung function.

They also didn't show any trend for diabetes, or high blood pressure, or any other notable negative health consequences.

Overall, they generally were not seen to be in any worse health condition than non-smokers appeared to be. Aside from the fact that they might be more prone to gum disease for some of those users.

These results might come as a shock to critics who for years have been bombarded by anti-cannabis propaganda, listing the wide range of side effects that one might risk experiencing by using it.

Researchers noted that chronic cannabis use does have some adverse effects on the body but overall it doesn't impact physical health in an obvious and negative way like you might assume it would. They don't see the same results from long-term smoking with users like they have seen or would see when compared to tobacco smokers for example.
Insurance Companies Classifying Cannabis Users as Non-Smokers
Some insurance companies have started classifying cannabis users as non-smoking, because research has shown that the cannabis and tobacco smoking experience is very different as far as how they impact the body and your health.

However, there are some insurance companies that are applying their smoker rates to cannabis users and those rates can sometimes be drastically more expensive than non-smoker rates.

This research shows that it isn't a guarantee that all habitual users of cannabis are going to have their standard of living and health deteriorate as a result of that use, even after decades of consumption.


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