The Cost Of Just One Cannabis Arrest In The USA

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Is Arresting Cannabis Users and Growers Worth $4k?

You might not like the idea of people growing their own cannabis or smoking it if they need it more medicine. But would you be willing to contribute funding if you were required to pay for that policing? If the services that you wanted were not funded through coercion and violence against others and instead had to be voluntarily funded, would spending money on police to arrest people over plants be a good idea? Especially when there are many other crimes and "criminals" to worry about? I don't think it would be.

average cost of a cannabis arrest = on average $4,390 per arrest between 2001 and 2010

It could easily cost a lot more, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars depending on how many charges they might be facing or how long the case takes.

That is time and money coming from community resources, that money doesn't come from nowhere, it comes from the people. And that is more than $4k every single time someone is arrested for cannabis, maybe more.

Hundreds of thousands of times every year.

That is a lot of money that could go toward something good.
But instead it gets wasted away on policing cannabis. There is an incredible cost that comes along with this policing of cannabis. If things were funded voluntarily they would look a lot different, priorities wouldn't likely be set on hunting down plants and plant users.

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::: Sigh :::

No matter how you turn it, something gets screwed up.

Cannabis is legal here in the state of Washington... but as a result it is almost impossible to trade cryptos here. You see, state government took it upon themselves to decide that growers were "cheating on their tax sales reports" by conducting business in BTC, ETH, Monero and others... so they made it really hard — not for people to own crypto — for for exchanges to trade it with anyone living in the state.

Kinda makes you want to bash your head on the keyboard...