Treating With CBD Might Mean You Risk Losing Your Job Or Worse

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Cannabidiol CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is found in cannabis and a growing number of people have turned to using CBD oil to try and treat a myriad of health issues: fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, insomnia, epilepsy, and more.

Despite cannabis being legal in a growing number of states for people to use for either medicinal or recreational purposes, there are still federal prohibitions in place for cannabis and that includes CBD products at this time. The 'grey area' surrounding CBD products has caused quite a decent amount of confusion for lawmakers, law-enforcers, merchants, patients, and many others. In 2016 there were at least 17 states that allowed CBD oil that was low in THC to be used for limited medicinal purposes.

There is currently a lawsuit underway against the DEA, launched by the Hemp Industries Association that is seeking to challenge the ruling by the DEA to consider all cannabinoids to be a Schedule I drug; including CBD products.

There are many children and people of all ages who are using CBD to treat their various health issues, and because you can obtain the CBD products that have little or no THC in them that produces any psychoactive effect, it's easy to see why those who might be weary of cannabis might go looking to first start with CBD.

And for some who have gone looking to try and find remedy with CBD oil, they've ended-up making things worse by losing their employment over it; in some cases even being arrested or losing custody of their child.

It's terrible to think that these are the circumstances that must be endured, simply because they sought to ease their pain and suffering with a natural substance.

One man from Tennessee, John Dress, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, occular melanoma, and he started looking to see if CBD oil might be able to help him. Though, there are still federal rules in place which prohibit him from doing so. When faced with the risk of losing his life over the illness, it's not hard to imagine why Dress might have found the option appealing and worth a try. Aside from trying the oil he has also undergone radiation treatment and laser treatments.

Unfortunately, despite taking oil that doesn't produce any high for him, it will still show up in a drug test and that's what happened for Dress. He was randomly selected at his place of employment for screening and that test later came back positive for cannabis. Dress was quickly fired after that, despite trying to communicate the situation he was in.

It's too bad his employer couldn't have tried to exercise a little more insight when dealing with this matter; their actions come across as more of a knee-jerk response to the drug test. Dress had been with the company for over 11 years. And this is the risk that people face if they want to go looking for CBD to try and find some remedy to their illness. They might lose their job, their kids, or their freedom.

Previous research in this area has found that for many people who start using CBD products that they will eventually cut-back on their traditional medicine prescriptions.

These results clearly speak to the effectiveness that people are seeing in their own journey; there are a growing number of people who are finding that CBD improves their standard of living by helping to ease their pain and suffering.

As more people both young and old turn to try and see if CBD can help them treat their illness, hopefully more employers will adjust their policy and approach; looking to operate with a little discernment and understanding. Someone who might use CBD oil on their off time at home to treat their cancer, isn't jeopardizing the work place by coming to work 'high'. And if we're lucky, one day the drug war will finally be put to an end.

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The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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Decades of government indocrination thru shools are doing it's job. People's blind belief in authority mad them not to percieve with their consciousness. It's so obvious that cannabis products are very beneficial to many things (not only health related), but indocrination in people don't let them to see clearly. Wow he got help from cannabis plant, let fire him!

Only thing we can do is to spread truh and realize no has right to tell us wha we can or can't do. Here is one article about guy from Croatia who took control in his own hands and decided to grow hemp and make products from it, even croatian law forbid it.

I love CBD’s and I definitely believe in the benefits that come from using them. Mix the CBD with some THC and then you’ll be feeling good in no time ;)



Easily test the cannabis you're using for CBD content, with this...

8-Minute DIY Home Test!! Clear and Accurate results!.

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The war on drugs is in reality always a war on individual freedom, just like every other sweeping government policy.

It is such a pity that John Dress's employer was unwilling to show understanding for his situation.

CBD in my experience does not interfere in any way with decision making, or indeed normal everyday life.

And yes, it is shameful that many governments are forcing us to become "criminals" in order to have some quality of life. Of course the only crime we commit is declining Big Pharma's toxic drugs, and thereby losing them money.

Nature provides remedies for pretty much everything, but hey that's not good business. As I wrote in another post....they no longer burn us at the they arrest us, poison us and destroy our lives.

South Africa is now in the process of legalizing cannabis for medicinal use. Thank you for sharing this article.

Its shocking this might happen. They have started selling it in England i'm not sure of the quality but it will be interesting to see if they try and stop it!

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I just want the government and corporations out of our business, it's time they grew up! But then again, a more sinister reason for this invasion of privacy is, it's hitting big Pharma in the wallet.

My recommendation is to go to the doctor and to us of a treatment that does not affect the health. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. I invite you to visit my blog and suddenly you can taste some recipes of cooking and visualize some trips made with family. Greetings, friend.


Easy to say. Hard to do. The pharmaceuticals industry is a clusterfuck of politics and bureaucracy. There is no rational argument against CBD oil, meaning its prohibition is a malum prohibitum crime only, and enforcement of such laws is blatantly criminal.


Doctors had me using a walker and on massive amounts of opiates, at 36yrs old. Told them to stick their crappy advice, flushed the opiates and looked at natural healing remedies. I'm FIT, Healthy, Active and F'ING AWESOME today... due to no doctors and lots of high CBD cannabis!


Easily test the cannabis you're using for CBD content, with this...

8-Minute DIY Home Test!! Clear and Accurate results!.

Best results from CBD usage kick in at about 3 weeks of daily usage!

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agree CBD has legit uses for cancer and other aliments

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Peace in Blunts Fam 🔥💨

It is a SHAME that we as a people do not have more compassion on others. When it comes to doing unto others and caring for our fellow man in a way we would want to be treated it always seems like the greed for money trumps compassion and constricts freedom. Thanks for sharing my friend.

hy... I've also post about cannabis. please read and upvote :
An attempt to score Acehnese Ganja


These damn people. When will they stand down? Never it seems. Until then, the struggle continues.

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We regularly us CBD products. Honestly, we'd use them MORE often if we could spend a little more on it. I really believe that EVERYONE could and would benefit from CBD added to their systems. Now that it's becoming 'legal' in more places, the research will start to stack up. I can only be hopeful.

Great tips as always. Thanks @doitvoluntarily .. i support and follow your post.

I don't see it being an issue. CBD is becoming more and more accepted. I am seeing it more and more all over the country.