1 inch tall and headed into flower


Yes, really! I have no idea what happened to this Reclining Buddha seedling, but it had a slow/weird start, and then flattened out into this shape, adding nodes almost on top of each other! Along with its 4 siblings, in a week I'm going to increase dark hours to 12 per 24, and they'll flower out. Who knows what this little thing will look like with flowers?

Then there's this one, nice and sturdy with good colour, recently topped and about to send out 2 shoots:

And this one, the largest, has mottled leaves (partly dark green and partly light green). It seems very healthy otherwise. I wonder if it will be a male? That's okay, maybe I'll create some babies of this really nice Dutch genetic line from Sensi Seeds.

Same plant, close-up of the fresh growth after topping:

And lastly, an intimate zoom showing the new shoots appearing after the top was removed a few days ago:

It's great to have a proper garden again, with some medicine on the way! 200% organic, as always. It was touch-and-go for a while, but I've got 5 healthy seedlings (if you count "Shorty!") and I'm excited to see what happens as they flower.

Yes, it's a little early to be flowering them, in many people's eyes. But I don't want tall plants in here, and I'm also planning to start my summer crop before too much longer, to give them a few months indoors to get nice and bushy. So I'm going to keep this crop short and sweet!

Stay tuned for the flowery conclusion of DRutter's Winter Medicine Patch.


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