Cannabinoids appear to block cov-19 infection!

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Before I started this lockdown diary 62 days ago, I did a video linking to studies showing cannabinoids prevent viral infection. It was censored in multiple ways.

Now, new research shows that CBD and THC (the 2 most common cannabinoids) work together to prevent cov-19 infection! More investigation is urgently needed, but these preliminary results are merely confirming what science has known for decades - cannabinoids have antimicrobial properties (and very few potential side effects). A safe and effective prevention has been available all along, but spreading this information has been made nearly impossible!

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Pit of Hell


Original video

My May 2nd response to YT age-restricting and censoring it

New study shows CBD and THC work together to prevent cov-19 infection

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Thank you for helping me spread awareness that cannabinoids may prevent cov-19 transmission!


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But, but, but... MR Government official/Law Enforcement and Big Pharma tell me that cannabis is bad, bad, bad so we shouldn't even think of legalizing it.
Just imagine all of the potential health benefits we are missing out on because of their anti-cannabis stupidity. I guess the money is better by opposing cannabis.


So sad that the system cares about itself over people. Profits over patients. More than just money, it's after control Cannabis is freedom and power to the people. It has always been the enemy of the big state.

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