Curing my Pink Kush plants under the Harvest Moon

2년 전

Welcome back! : D

I've been harvesting and drying my 4 Pink Kush plants. Hanging while still on the stems has worked nicely, and I'm likely to use the same technique with my next crop.


After chopping these 2 plants off their hangers, they lay in a shaggy heap:


A quick trim job cleaned the buds up nicely:


I babied these plants all year and the yield is very low. A budget of zero, and diet of nothing but water and love! Nothing used as pesticide, no fertilizers, no fungicides, just nothing. Growing this way requires a special touch and a level of skill most gardeners don't have the patience for. Many people claim it's the best way to grow, but don't actually do it. I highly recommend it!


The sugar leaf I trimmed off will be set aside for making edibles for @MediKatie. She kills cancer with that stuff:


Gorgeous-looking nugs; calyxes, trichomes and pistils all still fully intact. Drying by hanging is superior to screens or other methods I've used and seen. Those flowers have never been touched - except by air. They were supported by the plant from the moment they started growing until I cut them off last week. I touched only the stems as I broke down the plants. They hung to dry in the air, still untouched. The buds were trimmed still on the dried stem, and snipped off into the jar still pristine.


There's no dollar value for a gram of something like this. You'll almost never find anything like it unless you grow and cure it yourself. The few who do produce it usually keep it for themselves or someone special. Finding it in a dispensary, you would be paying at least $15 per gram, and it would be kept behind the counter, considered 'top shelf' or 'growers cut'. More likely though, is you'd just never see it.

This is the kind of cannabis that will NOT be available in 3 weeks when Canada "legalizes" recreational cannabis! Nothing about it will be legal. I've documented the debacle of legalization here on Steemit for a year, and elsewhere for many years prior. What I'm doing here at home, growing real medicine and curing cancer, is going to be punishable by 14 years in federal prison! That's the rest of my healthy living years.

No victim, no crime. But that's not what legalization says. Everything you'd want to do is still going to be a crime, regardless of there being a victim. Growing, selling, trading, buying more than 30 grams, edibles, concentrates, weed clothing, topicals (creams), it's all still illegal. All you can legally do is buy 30 grams of irradiated (to kill any microbes) and pesticide/fertilizer-filled shwag blends of GMO Monsanto strains. Seriously.

What I do is still a crime under legalization, and my civil disobedience will continue. This is my right as a free person. Nobody can stop me from growing and using plants, unless that does harm to others. You may think I'm misguided, you may do things differently if you were me, you may even not like it. That's okay. If I blow smoke in your face, let me know. Otherwise, carry on with your life!


I rolled up a half gram last night, which had been curing for 10 days. Well, the "test" was successful! We smoked it this afternoon and it was absolutely primo. Smooth, terpy, dank, and potent! I'll do a full "review" post once this jarred stuff is ready, in about a week or so.

As for the other 2 plants, they're now hanging to dry, and will be jarred up in a few days.

Grow in peace. : )


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Harvest Moon for N64 is one of my favourite games!

Wow dude, awesome! They’re some frosty lookin nugs right there, great work! 😀 enjoy the smoke! It’s always so amazing smoking what you’ve grown :) peace!

Easy upvote and resteem for @Hempy! : D