Let's name this BRAND NEW Cannabis Strain! Is this Hive OG?

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Exclusive to the Hive blockchain! Thanks to the legendary Steem OG strain combining with pure MK Ultra genetics from the BC underground scene, I just harvested 1 healthy unexpected seed of a brand new strain! Want to help me name it?

First, let me tell you about the "father", the mother, and my recent seed adventures! This was my first time pollinating my plants, and collecting seeds, and it was an awesome learning experience.

The "father"

You may have been following along as I grew some "Steem OG and MK Ultra plants recently. The only female Steem OG adult I ended up with decided to 'go hermie' (produce pollen).

I tried to keep it from getting all over the garden, with only partial success.

For 125 days in the life of S3 (the "father"), check out this huge photo album, which is in chronological order so you can watch it go from seed to seed!

The mother

It was my first time growing MK Ultra, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I've never been a huge fan of the strain, but growing it was a pleasure.

Little did I know... but a tiny bit of pollen from the Steem OG female hermie must have made its way to one of the MK Ultra female flowers! But first...


Most of the Steem OG pollen ended up pollinating the female flowers on the same plant, which is common. At first I was upset, but then I realized: I'm going to end up with Steem OG seeds! Not only that, but they are naturally FEMINIZED! That makes them about twice as valuable to many growers, including myself. Major score!

When I busted up the cured Steem OG flower (there wasn't very much!), I ended up with some bud for joints:

And a bunch of seeds!

Sorting them into mature (large, dark, hard-shelled) and immature (less likely viable) seeds, it yielded this:

I'm going to keep some, and share some with my blockchain friends (stay tuned.) But something even MORE incredible happened!

New Strain is Born

The magic really happened the other day, when @MediKatie and I started busting up the MK Ultra bud for a 4/20 quarantine celebration, and because we've run out of dabs (lockdown woes).

Sadly, a lone seed was destroyed by the grinder that day. Nothing but a broken shell and a hemp heart remained! But today, as we get close to the bottom of our supply, we were blessed with another seed - and it's in great shape!

A healthy and viable seed, a naturally feminized offspring of Steem OG and MK Ultra! It was born at the same time as the Hive blockchain. This is the first and only such cross, and exactly what it will look/taste like is up in the air. I also don't yet know if there will be any more seeds in the last few buds yet to be smoked!

  • Is this Hive OG? It certainly was born at the same time, and it came unexpectedly out of Steem OG. That would be a natural name for it!
  • Maybe it's Ultra Hive? Or even Ultra Steem, I suppose.
  • MK Hive? MK Steem?
  • Something totally different?
  • Wait and see what the plant and flowers look/taste like?

Input is greatly appreciated, and if you'd like to follow along, I will be growing her out (once I find out if she has any sisters). If she's an only child, propagation will have to be either by cloning, or by back-crossing her with some of her hermaphroditic Steem OG father's pollen (which I do have saved... and damn, that sounded filthy).

Please note, I will soon be giving away some of the feminized Steem OG seeds I produced! I was hoping for sensimillia (seedless flowers) but this surprise taught me much, and at least there are some excellent seeds to show for all my hard work.

Lockdown Day 44 - Medication Shortage

As a bonus, here is my brand new video upload, regarding running out of weed during lockdown!

Choose platform to view video (7 minutes):



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Cannabis extracts are lifesaving medicine for millions

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Maybe Hivelock? :P

Thinking like, born at the same time as "hive", and "lock" down.

This is quite an epic post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing the pollination process with us, quite magical indeed!

Yes, it should be called Hive OG.


Nah, it should be called Hive Steem

Or Steem Ultra! Also don't forget the 200,000 Sp delegation is going to start on May 1st!