Message of HOPE for little boy in viral photo dying of cancer and chemotherapy!

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A photo uploaded by a Texan mom went viral this week. Her 4-year-old son has a type of cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.). For over a year, doctors have been pumping a cocktail of big pharmaceutical company products into her toddler, leaving Beckett weak, thin, bald, and constantly throwing up. The cancer continues to ravage his little body, and his family is falling apart.

(Photo credit: Kaitlyn Burge, FaceBook. CNN's article here.)

A sick child is about the hardest thing most people can handle. This particular photo, with the sister comforting her little brother as he vomits from the chemo, is powerful - and you can see why it has been shared so widely. Some of us, like those of us who have had a seriously-ill little one, can begin to understand what this family must be going through. Cancer is a particularly evil nightmare.

To see no recovery after all this suffering and effort must be emotionally devastating. And for his energy and dignity to be stripped away by the "medicine" can only be like a kick when you're down.

There's hope!

The nausea, vomiting, weight-loss, nutritional deficiencies, pain, fatigue, and insomnia caused by traditional chemotherapy can be alleviated using a safe and natural plant-based medicine you can make at home. For decades, studies have shown that cannabinoids instantly prevent nausea and vomiting in children undergoing chemotherapy, with no negative effects. Most of Beckett's suffering could be over, TODAY!

What's more, for many years parents of kids with A.L.L. have been successfully treating - and curing - them with cannabis oil! Many cases of A.L.L. can be completely cured, with little or no unwanted effects, in just months, for a fraction of the cost of traditional treatments which usually don't work and themselves cause cancer.

Cannabinoids would improve, and possibly save, this little boy's life!

There must be a catch..

Essentially the only drawbacks to this safe and fast remedy (other than Beckett possibly craving Bob Marley tunes) are the stigma and the illegality of cannabinoids. Because some cannabinoids also cause a pleasant 'high' feeling, society has been manipulated into believing they are sinful, dangerous, immoral, and in need of prohibition. This was a huge lie. The 'war on drugs' was never meant to be won, but waged forever for profit. Find out who has been profiting, and you'll understand why and how this knowledge has been kept from the people for decades.

If Ms. Burge can get beyond the propaganda coming from big pharmaceutical companies, and look at the research done by leading universities around the world for decades, she'll realize that she may be delaying proper treatment for her son, shortening his lifespan, and reducing his quality of life - needlessly. At the very least, he could be eating properly, gaining weight, and playing with his sister again! And maybe his cancer will respond favourably to the cannabinoids, disappearing completely via apoptosis. There's almost no chance he'll have any unwanted effects. Cannabis even appears to be safe for breastfeeding infants, and the developing fetus!

This viral photo is everywhere in the mainstream right now, but I don't see any mention of these facts in those stories - or comments. Somebody, please get this mother the life-saving information she needs for her dying child!

Let's end cannabis prohibition, cannabis stigma, and cannabis disinformation! Cannabis cures cancer!


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Can't believe people will let children suffer...ironically in the name of children. What fake virtue signalers. The research clearly shows now that it is at least safe for management of side effects, even in young children.
If people have a problem with that, then they have major cognitive dissonance because those kids get put on all kinds of narcotics and opiates.

Sick babies take cannabis oil and show nothing but's kind of hard to say that it hinders development when it stops neurodegeneration.

Ill have to get my lasy to use her facebook to drop this link on the comments, if its possible? Well said man, you know what gets me, is soneone dying from cancer and refuses to give cannabis a try, like what else is there to lose


Yeah it is SO sad when you hear stories that end with "finally I took cannabis oil and healed myself" that begin with "I was sick and tried everything to get better, until I was on my deathbed and had nothing else to lose..."
Why wait until you're almost dead, to save your life?
Cannabis is what I would try FIRST if I knew I had cancer. Hell, I'm living that truth right now, my wife is alive because of cannabis. We're having a baby in a few weeks because of cannabis! It would never have been possible otherwise. But people are waiting until they're near death to try it... because it's illegal and they want to do things "properly". Man, we only have one life (on this existence anyway), when I see people dying to obey laws it makes me pretty sad.
Time for a dab to stay lifted.

Poor kiddo. =(

Hopefully that little guy can get some relief. Doesn't look like he has had a very easy time so far :(


definitely not, he looks haggard and weak. dang. upvoted!

What a heart breaking image. My Dads going through cancer treatment now ... at 72 its hard, cant imagine what this little one feels. If cannabinoids can help, why not?


Thanks very much for the resteem, and for your help with info and references in this post! <3

We would love to be able to provide him with the cannabis oil he needs! Organic and super clean 'noids until he's cancer free!!

I cannot bring myself to have another look at this photo,really I cannot stand the sadness that overwhelms my heart while seeing at this little boy.

This week a legislator and others in the government are criticizing Mexico's president Andres for leaving cancer kids without big pharma patent drugs and increasing the budget for newspapers and police.

Here in Mexico big pharma makes a big business testing their expensive drugs and stripping away health budget.

The same happens with HPV and Influenza vaccines and many other bioassets.


Could you clarify what you mean about the HPV vaccines?


HPV vaccines were pushed hard by the marketing teams (Nov, MSCk) to Mexico's government officials (Maybe an incentive?). BIGPHARMA (British crown, Trump and the devil) use this doomed land health infrastructure to test the effects of vaccination (and other trials) at the expense of the taxpayers and Mexican government. I like vaccines, and they're dangerous. But I like the freedom to not support this kind of interests.

Vaccine for HPV in Mexico is -almost- mandatory (for consentless girls) and free. I'm guessing it won't be safe. Time will tell, most of time I'm right and wrong.

Get vaccinated and OBEY.

End of message.

Terrible what big farma does for money.

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Really terrible, yea.
And you can see why that photo is making the rounds. You want to reach out and hug the little guy. He looks like he's trying so hard, but not making it very far :(

Gosh this image is heart breaking and so hard to look at, I’ve spoken about it before that doctors today are just big pharma reps in white coats!

We need to stop seeing their opinions and unbiased and unquestionable and start looking at alternatives!

What a gut punch of a photo. I pray that you're right, Drutter. I want to believe.