Reclining Buddha flowers mega update

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Welcome back! It has been over a week since my last garden update, and with just 20 days until harvest, the plants are looking great. I spent the afternoon photographing them in a variety of conditions, and put together this photo album (with GIFs) so you can see how my Reclining Buddhas are turning out. Enjoy!

The plants are 15 weeks old, having been grown from seed. Every step has been recorded on the Hive/WeedCash blockchain!

A mix of photographs and short video clips seems to show things off nicely.

That's a zoom to check trichomes. I see a few turning yellowish, but most are milky white. This is the earlist possible moment for harvest, in which viable medicine will be produced. Anything from this moment on is additional mass and maturity. The cannabinoids will progress from THCa through THC, CBD, CND, and many others. In general terms, this takes the effect from stimulating toward sedating. I like to harvest somewhere right in the middle - just as things begin to turn amber and reach full maturity.

How's that for lush undergrowth? As always, it's 200% organic - nothing but light, water, soil, and air.

I'm really enjoying the colours coming out.

This is the "virgin" untouched plant. I think I'm going to do a whole crop like this, next! Now that I've got a new generation of seeds, I'll be able to a do a full garden of sensimillia.

This is one of the pollinated branches. Very chunky and irregular bud structure. Lots of trichomes, though!

You'd think it's autumn, with all those beautiful colours appearing among the greens! I'm really loving these Reclining Buddhas, and I'm excited to grow their descendants in a few weeks. It will be my first time growing a full crop from my own seeds.

Before we finish up, how about a dab?

Cannabis extracts are all the goodness from the plant, with none of the chlorophyll, fiber, or other inert matter. When done right, shatter (as seen above) is close to 100% cannabinoids, the rest being mostly terpenes. Unique to the flowers (bud) you begin with, and the process you use. Shatter is easily transported, lasts a long time, doesn't have a strong smell like fresh bud, and of course, packs a massive punch.

The samples above are some crumbs @MediKatie and I have around at the moment, waiting for our next refill. This is obtained from the free ("black") market. Local shops defy "legalization" to remain open, illegally serving consenting adults like myself. And thank goodness, too, because my life would be absolutely miserable otherwise. The legal market doesn't have the cannabis my wife and I are prescribed, and what cannabis it does have, is up to 10 times more expensive than the same product on the free market. Dispensaries save lives. I'm proud to have stood to protect the dispensary model of cannabis distribution in Canada for many years. I now benefit in some small way from my own actions. I hope the local places I use are able to continue without major interruption.

In the meantime, I continue to improve my techniques and skills. As funds allow, I will also improve my tools. My goal is to be able to produce all the cannabis my wife and I require to remain healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this photo album. Stay tuned for lots more canna-photography over the next 3 weeks!

(All images created 2021/3/18 by DRutter.)

Grow in peace.

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Great looking shatter , i used to make BHO , but have moved to a rosin press recently . Both methods are off the hook 🪝