Reopening the economy brings new hope and vitality

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Here in B.C., businesses are reopening after several weeks of lockdown! Not everybody is quick to start back up, and some didn't make it at all. The reason for lockdown, and its length, and the new measured to control society are topics for another post. For now, I'm making soil for my plants!

As I mentioned yesterday in my video update, my 5 MK Ultra plants are in need of a transplant. But for that, I need worm castings and peat moss (full recipe here), and due to lockdown, everything is closed. (Also, I'm not allowed to drive, and walking far has become difficult and painful for me, so I need something close to where I live!)

Luckily, a local shop opened their doors today (Monday), and the weather was good, so I walked there and hauled back a large bag of each ingredient I needed. With a sprinkle of diatomaceous earth (the white pattern in the photo), and a good mix, I have healthy, nutritious, living organic soil. The big transplant will be tomorrow. Until then, here's one of the seedlings, day 38, the night before going into a big pot:

I'm happy things are opening back up again. No economy can survive with most participants confined to their homes, and it's not healthy for people's physical or mental health. We humans right now are like my plants, which have been going without proper nutrients, just surviving but not really thriving... waiting for a chance to flourish. I hope this is our chance! I wish everybody the best, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are.

And if possible, I hope you're able to grow in peace.


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As spring comes into full bloom, people's fear and winter-hoarding vibe subside maybe. Our natural desire for the delights of summer feel strong and the coronavirus stuff feels like bullshit. Hopefully we feel safe enough like we don't need corporate-fascist "salvation". Speaking of that, the timing of all this helicopter money was strangely not really related to when we needed it most during the pandemic. I hope the bong shops open again soon; we didn't have money or transport when we needed it and then they closed while we were sittin gon cash, damnit.

This post is dirty! It belongs in NSFW, haha ;) We're glad you got to a garden store!! Happy growing :)