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Microscope Time

Have you been waiting for updated photographs of the Sour Tangy growing in my Las Vegas backyard? If so here are your updates on our trichome development.

Do you suppose the Las Vegas heat melted these trichomes together?


In this next photograph we are looking at the top of a bud site.

We share the good and the bad, here is a leaf from the same area.

This shot is the bottom side of the bud site getting much less sun.

The rest are around the same bud site showing more trichome production.



Deciding to do some split harvesting or to starve these plants out for a few days to increase resin production and harvest them all... what do you think?

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I think it looks awesome. I don’t have any tips aside from that, though. 😎

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Well thanks for commenting and curating great cannabis content!

I love picking my buds with milk white trichomes


I like a variety, usually 50% milky. If I have several plants I will let one go very late for alot of amber trichomes and make that my bed time medicine. Thanks for commenting :D

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Absolutely beautiful pictures!


Thanks for the nice comment

Sounds like you got a plan! I say Harvest it when you like the resin! Let it go if you want a downer High or chop it early to get that raciness. Either way great looking plants well done!👏👏
Happy Steeming!


Thanks for the compliment and for commenting. New follower here. I am working the UFC fight in Denver coming up next month I think, maybe we should have a Steemit Meetup / Smoke out ?

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