Gorgeous Day on The Cannabis Farm

2년 전


Hey steem family!! Having a gorgeous day out here just got a couple rows planted up last night and finished a few of them up this morning, everything is looking great. This is a new style for us we don’t have as much canopy space as before because most of our farm is now growing hemp so we have to accommodate for the situation. That is part of the reason why we are planting so late because we don’t want the plants to get too large for the rows.

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You are living my dream 😍😍 I didn't have enough space to grow my own little guys this year, hoping things line up better next year!!

Awesome post though thanks for sharing! :)

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I wish I was a weed farmer too


I mean we could always start a commune? I hear jam is profitable.. A couple walls.. Maybe build a few houses or something, idk, I'm a carpenter we could pull it off xD

Sorry got lost day dreaming there lol!