Gorgeous day on the farm!!

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Yo Steem family,

Things are look really good on the farm, the weather could not be better but among the all the beauty we have issues. Water issues!! Due to the droughts for the past several years we are having a shortage in our entire valley(which consists of hundreds of farms, vineyards, and orchards). The irrigation is being shut off tomorrow!! So we are in deep prep mode and seeing where things take us! We have several 2500 gal tanks to fill and will be purchasing water from local municipality source for the winter. Fortunately the need for water reduce drastically, we are definitely flying by the seat of our pants here. Hope your week has been pleasant

I have a new video of a very special garden I visited coming up so give a look for that in the next day or 2

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Can't imagine this farm in my country (Spain), you would be jailed at once lol ... paradise over there @enolderman, how lucky you are!


Where you at!! Lets see some content!!!

How much water do you use a day? I've got a few plants, Dude, a farm's gonna take a hell of a lot more water.


We use about 300 gallons every 2 or 3 days on a 10000 ft2. Not too much but we have several greenhouses full also but they don't need a quarter of that. Still they turn off the irrigation for the winter!


Dude! Thanks for answering and good luck!

I'm learning the ropes for small growing, gotta keep reading your post for the day I'm ready to up my game HA!

good luck!