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Steem Tribe!!!
I missed you!!!

It has been such a busy summer, I wish I could have shared more and would have but steep shot was not working for me for some reason every time I tried to upload it would freeze up. But I did happen to snap some pics along the way so we did get something to share!

This is a shot of the first ones in the ground in the beginning of June. They are on the THC side of things. I will get a thorough update of these girls in the next few days so you can see the progress! For now here is recent photo!IMG_2243.JPGIMG_2185.JPG
We also planted up this field here the week after the THC plants. This field is strictly grown for the CBD oil, although they do look just like a plant with THC they will not get you stoned. I will update everyone with the status of the CBD field aswell!!!

There are wildfires burning here in southern Oregon and the smoke settled into the valley really bad to where it was not healthy to be outside without a respirator! The tricky part was I had to stay in the area to make sure the girls where fed and watered but finally I got my chance to take a mini vacation to the coast!! Things have slowed down for the moment at the farm so I will have more time to share. Lots of photos and videos coming soon so follow for more Cannabis!!!

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Holy cow! Very very nice!

we miss you too man!! Glad to see your posting again, but i know you got to be a busy man!!

Love it and great job!

Well don't forget that you can use a heap filter to clean the world... Or stop smoking so much weed that you send smoke clouds to Portland!

And wonderful views! Nice to see those girls!

I'm out of weed but just a couple more days and hope I'll be OK!

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Wonderful... I am growing some 10% CBD hemp

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