Pre-harvest photo-op

11개월 전

Bubba Kush 2019 - Insane Crystals!
10weeks flowering time
LED LightsDSC_0003 (2).JPG

Earthy, tea notes on the nose. Freshly baked cookies as well.
Minor lemon taste on smoke. Full flavour, with the cookie taste prominent.

Wish i took more photos because many turned out to be not in focus.

DSC_0009 (2).JPG

DSC_0020 (2).JPG

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I can tell those turned out fire. Reminds me 9f tye Tahoo og x og i used to grow.


the flower is hard to save, honestly the perfect smoke! and the hashish is transcending, makes you check your limit haha

does the tye tahoo x still exist? or has it been bred out?

i've been able to save the strain so i'll have another round coming in along with some other friends ;) follow me for updates!

damn! looks like a jungle!