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I got nothing from the thumbnail.... but luckily (of course!) I clicked to see the full post. Hey Kaila!! Thanks for repping the East coast @GirlsofGreen : D


Sorry, the thumbnail was tricky on this one, due to the dark half of the photo being almost invisible! Glad you checked out the full post though @Hempy! ;)


Also, the thumbnail size can be awkward, especially when the Girls have long legs and take long pics ;) We're glad our fans are actually clicking on the post, thanks.

Different sort of photo, but effective! I like it. Sends a stoney vibe, shows her aestheticness, and has a theme. :D upvoted


I like it. What's she smoking? probably the danknesssss :))
thanks @Girlsofgreen and KailaKush <3


Oh yeah, probably the dankest stuff on the East coast. She's a big concentrate lover too, so there's probably some budder stuffed in there too!

Nice pic, eh! That looks like lovely weather, and like a good time mmm! I'd love to be on the East Coast today! The flag in the background is just awesome! Makes for a great picture, eh hehehe

Very NewBrunswick of her! Nice pic :)
(and great legs!)