Blazen Vixen got her first dab rig!

4개월 전

Once you dab, you never go back. But that's okay, she's ready to embrace the 710-lifestyle and be shattered for life! ;)


Blazen Vixen

Girls of Green

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I'm so glad she's finally down to dab! Can't wait for the videos ;) Super cute rig too by the way :) :)


Thanks, @MediKatie! We think the rig is cute too! And yes, we can't wait to see her hit it, so stay tuned :)

congrats, enjoy!
nice pic - upvoted.
thank you @GirlsofGreen <3

Cute! (The girl and the rig!)
Happy dabbing : )


She IS cute, is she not?! ;D
Even better with dabs!

This is the moment we have been waiting for. Thank you.


Hehehe, figured you guys would say something like that :P
It's a momentous day though, truly. She's wanted to dab for a while, just never had the tools and availability. Hopefully this ushers in a new era of dab pics and vids.

And how did the dap hit her on the first try?

Yaaaaaaaay, finally! But does she have any dabs to put in the rig? heheh