Bongs or Blunts?

4개월 전

Pick your poison!


We don't really mean poison (aka government tobacco), so please,
if you choose blunt, roll it neat & keep it green! ;)

Blazen Vixen

Girls of Green

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Really nice bud is always welcome (organic, properly cured, hand trimmed, etc).

I would almost always choose a bong rip over a blunt, joint, spliff, doobie, whatever you want to call it. I love the nice big gurgling, bubbling rips and the sound of clinking glass. But..if it's a really dirty bong, vs a big, dank chonger of the best BC bud stuffed with hash and budder, rolled in kif with a worm of shatter coiled around the outside, the joint might just win. Regular pinners are a definite meh for me hehe. I think my preference goes dabs, herb vape, bong, then joint....well and of course edibles in there somewhere ;)