Happy October!



Halloween already has the pants scared off us! We can't wait to see your colourful costumes! Are you going as anything cannabis related this year?

Featuring Kaila Kush for Girls of Green

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Gorgeous lass!! Gotta love the East coast stoner ladies :))
Upvoted and resteemed <3
Happy October!


Thanks, @Hempy!
Yes, this lovely Eastcoast babe loves her dabs, and pantless weekends :D


Henpy, you love ALL the stoner ladies, admit it!
You can't help yourself. I see you hitting on the Girls of Green daily. Don't deny it ;)


well at least Steem is back abov 14 cents.....
actually that's still really bad :(

I don't really love those side-by-side type mirror image pics, but this is an exception! Very nice aesthetics :)

Wow wow wow!
Beautiful shot.... kaila kush does it again O_O
thank you @GirlsofGreen, upvoted.

Booooom, there's another fantastic dab rig and beautiful Canadian lady in one photo! @GirlsofGreen you've done it again :)
You're by far the most prolific cannamodels on the Steem blockchain.

October will always be a special month for me :) <3

If Halloween scares the pants off of you, then let me say................................BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ;)

NOt sure yet, one thing that is, I will be stoned, ;)


And we love you for it!

I'm going as Justin Trudeau with brown face makeup!!


Ha! I bet that will be the most popular costume up there this year. Just hope you don't let any pics leak to the public, ;)

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