Kaila Kush, cannamodel for Girls of Green, from Eastern Canada

2개월 전

Please enjoy this photograph of Kaila Kush dabbing some Eastern Canadian cannabis extracts.

Date: Sep 21 2019


Model's FB page: Here

Girls of Green

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Wow, beautiful! Great shot.
What strain is she dabbing? That rig could use a cleaning, hahah! <3


She didn't say, but we'll ask her what strain she's dabbing :)
Another 5 cent post, haha, par for the course. The cannabis tag is in desperate need of curation! Cannabis posts are some of the poorest-curated on the platform. Even though cannabis is becoming legal almost everywhere. Why the stigma and discrimination? Maybe a curation group for cannabis needs to start up, a group that would support cannabis-related content, like @DRutter's and ours? Just a thought. Maybe it would help get some upvotes onto these awesome posts, to support them, so they continue and don't disappear. It would be a shame for there to be no cannamodels on the Steem blockchain!


Hempy will always love you no matter what happens (or doesn't happen) on the Steem blockchain. <3
Keep up the great posts.

Ooooh, haven't seen a photo from Kaila in a while - niiiiice :))
Thanks for posting @GirlsofGreen. Upvoted!

Very very nice. Always great to see Kaila Kush and the other Girls of Green!
And always good to see people dabbing. Extracts are so vital, medically and otherwise. Keep it up!


Thank you for your comment and upvote :)
We will certainly keep it up. Maybe not always on Steem, but somewhere!


The cannamodelling must go on! heheeh
We'll do our thing no matter what. And it'll probably be online to some degree. And it might even be on the blockchain, that's yet to be decided : )

Such pretty eyes! Love her dab rig :D
upvoted and resteemed!