Smokin' beach bods

5개월 전

Hope you got your beach bod AND you beach bong ready!


Because the heat's on and it's time to blaze!

Blazen Vixen for Girls of Green

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very super cute, upvoted of course :)
stay green in these rough Steem times!!

What a cute pic! It really captures the fun times :)


I forgot to resteem this post yesterday, but I resteemed it today!
Happy summer <3


Cute's a good word for it!
Has she got a dab rig ready for action yet? :D

Great photos, @GirlsofGreen and Vixen! :))
Heheh, love the faux leopard print <3

whistles and chokes on a carb cap
... Great post! :D


Ummm yeah, great bod! Fun poses and cute bikini!!