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I like your fanny pack! So cool!

Clouding it up on the East coast? Go Kaila!! <3


Absolutely, the East Coast needs the support! Hope she sends hazy day vibes all over the Atlantic ;)

Fabulous pic! Kaila looks stunning and the backround makes you envious and want to grab some dabs and lemonade and head to the beach!!

We really like how the thumbnail turned out on this one! It can be difficult to get it how you want it on Steemit.


Thank you @SativaZee for the resteem! It's hard not too, this one is pretty steamy :)

What a 'dime'!
Too bad cannamodeling on Steem doesn't even pay these girls a dime...
It's like there's nobody in the Cannabis tag here on Steemit!?! (Or they don't like women..?)


What happened to Steem? Why are other front ends and tokens 'necessary' in order to do well here? Should we start using the #dipshit tag for extra shit tokens, and download the RewardBoost app for 20% extra? Why isn't it possible to succeed using the Steem blockchain and excellent content? Those are the questions that matter.


Havent you seen that there is a new part of the cannabis tag called weedcash? Just saying. You say there is nobody here on the cannabis tag, but yet you think your better then everyone in our community. You are against bid bots, and all that other stuff, and here is a place where there not there, but yet you insist to alienate everyone. This will be the last time I will even mention this to you. If you did use the weedcash tag along with the cannabis tag, these girls would make way more on top of the steem you make.