The end of a Blazin' Summer

2개월 전


We hope you had a blazin' summer this 2019! We enjoyed seshing with you :) Thanks for your ongoing support, cannafam and cannafans! Have a happy autumn 2019!


Click to see more Blazen Vixen and GirlsofGreen

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awwww yeahhh!
Love seeing new @GirlsofGreen content. Blazen is supercute.
Upvoted! :))

Great photos. She's a natural cannamodel!
Upvoted and resteemed

It was sure an interesting summer for me! I got a lot of BC sun from the lower mainland to the Okanagan.


Glad you had a nice summer @MediKatie. And good luck with the babe :D
It's impressive you've managed to keep your blog here active through everything.


It's my pleasure! Well not really, it's often a chore, especially when the currency keeps crashing and erasing all our efforts.

So natural and so pretty. Great vibe on this page as always @GirlsofGreen. Have a happy Shatterday!

Lovely. I love Green.


Thank you for the comment, and compliment!! <3
Stay green!!


And stay classy.

Cute! Upvoted :)
I had a good summer. Better than most of the past few! And quite interesting, too. Thanks for asking and thanks for posting.