'Tis the season to get lit!



In Canada, we have our Thanksgiving in October, and it's cold in November, so we like to get to it and get lit and put up the lights and decorations ASAP! It might not be time for Christmas carols yet, but it's high time to gather round the fire with some xmas baking and an extra large joint! :)


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Wintertime here in Canada.... definitely the time for toking and dabs galore :))
Solstice is only 6 weeks away!


Yeah, even when you're loaded with food, cash, and dabs, it can still be so hard this time of year, eh?! Our bodies are supposed to be hibernating but that's kind of depressing. 'Tis the season for lots of sativas to stimulate the senses and simulate the sunlight.

I'm not much of a joint smoker, but if it's a season indulgence, I can't resist! Especially not around a cozy warm fire and a batch of cookies on bord, haha...aaand if it's a big one ;)

Darn tootin. It's definitely "that season" here in most parts of Canada. Dark by 4pm, frost in the mornings, snow in some places. Time to bring out the lights, snacks, and cheer.


4:20 sunsets are kinda fun (especially when it happens on solstice), but I much prefer 4:20 sunrises...as long as I have good curtains haha. Moving to the Okanagan now means sunsets technically before 4pm, and no sunrise till well after 7:10am in the coldest, darkest part of the year, yikes, we'll be dabbin' in the dark if we don't get some lights up quick, who cares if it's not even December yet!

ANY excuse to get lit! You know the @GirlsofGreen are down :D

It's always a good time for a burning tree ;]

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exactly..... this time of year especially -but ALWAYS a good time for green smoke ;D (or vapour)


Ah, yeah! That would make a neat tradition at the end of the season (if you have a real tree) to gather round with people and have a bonfire of old trees while everyone burns a fresh one :)