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Oh yum, I just had to resteem this one @MediKatie!
You look great, as does that frozen slab of infused oil!

Wow, very interesting colour.
Living in Vancouver, we sure have access to some incredible products! The market is large, experienced, entrenched, and resilient. It will be hard for "legalization" to destroy the free market in BC.

Whoa, how many mg do you think are in that?! #movingweight ;) hehe


That's what I was thinking!
Only one way to find out! Lab test? Okay, two ways.
Eat it and see what happens!


It might make me wanna take a about movin' weight but not getting far heheheh

Thanks for the feature, l will upvote and resteem for sure! #GoGreen #GoVegan :)

Damn that’s one sick brick you got there! How much would that go for?

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hehe sick, indeed!! :) I have no idea how much it would go for, it was a generous gift. But if I had to guess, it's at least a whole gram of cannabis oil, so on this market it could be anywhere from $20-$100+ depending if you can grow/make it yourself, have a good source, etc. It'd probably make a decently-infused dozen of cookies or a half dozen @MediKatie-strength cookies hehe