When it's too hot to heat the rig

5개월 전

And you can't make it to an air conditioned dab lounge, sometimes you just gotta roll a classic joint and blaze! We're lovin' the Canadian summer! 🌞🌞



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it's never too hot to medicate..... life is better with the green, and the heat doesn't seem to bother us as much :))

It's NEVER too hot to heat the rig!! Get serious, dabbers! Come on! LOL
The only thing it's sometimes too hot for, is coughing fits. Ohhh, the dab sweats can be dramatic sometimes.

I guess one of your other options is infused chilled foods. We've had some amazing medicated slurpees, for example! Maybe an infused chilled chocolate mousse, or medicated cake and ice cream?
Or for those who can afford it, an e-nail and air conditioning!


Enail & AC for sure :)
But a joint outside where there's a breeze would be alright on a hot day, too.

I prefer joints.. although that one you're smoking is kinda skinny for my liking 🤣 !tip


It is a bit thin, yeah.... maybe it's lady sized? heheh

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