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Ladies of Steem, may I present to you the deadly gentleman, @rakkasan84. Rakk proudly served with the 101st Airborne, and did some time down range. Here is a cool pic did for him by the crew over at @drugwars. Kinda ironic, since this photo was taken at ground zero where the fight to battle dope is as heavy as it gets, Afghanistan. That's right we got some bad ass canna dudes here on Steem, and he proudly proclaims his love for the herb. Not only is he a smoker, but he also grows in the Dust Bowl state, Oklahoma. When he isn't playing Steem Monsters, he is out exploring the country with his woman. Im proud to have him on our team, thanks for all you do Rakk, much love brother!




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100% upvoted and resteemed!!!


your the man! Yours is coming up. I have been taking a break, but when i saw that pic of rakk, i was inspired

Ok.... So wtf is this guys? Can I go again please, because everyone is clearly showing me up. I thought @davedickeyyall was stepping it up but this just takes it to a whole other level! Sick pic dude and thank you for your service. Happy to have you have in this crew.


Of course I will get a go at you again! This is not a temp kind of thing. IT's A POR VIDA TYPE OF THING!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? My father (who is 91) was In something that sounds very similar but from his days. Served WWII and Korea before working for the Atomic Energy Facility in New Mexico , before retireing with the FAA after 27 years. Is that the same? Just wondering, and Thank you for serving this country through all the lies! its people like you who make it possible for people to continue living their : American Dream". So I thank you! ( Iwant to say he was 101 whatever airborn too.... I feel dumb not knowing for sure as we just went over his pictures and such)


Thanks for your kind words PNV! Do you know if your dad was based in Kentucky?

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Good to meet you meet you

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