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What's up my fellow block chain Canna lovers! Guys/Gals of Cannabis is a project I started as a joke, to have some laughs. After the second post, I saw how it was bringing people together, and boosting moral within the community. Not only that, but also a great way to introduce you all to someone you may of never knew of. Out of all the projects I have done, this one by far is the most fun. Without all these great people I have showcased, and eventually will, there would be no Canna. For this post, I am doing something different. @rachaeldwatson has done a write up for her husband @wdougwatson.

Who is @wdougwatson

Most importantly he's my husband and stepfather to my 2 grown boys. He's also a long time pothead lol.
Doug LOVES to wake up on Saturday mornings, get his coffee, a joint and watch 80s cartoon's. He loves old movies also. He's an avid reader and caster of votes on steem.
He impresses me on a daily with his intelligence. He would say he knows a lot about nothing. But I say otherwise lol.
People that don't know him think he's weird..but he's not. Not really, not to me anyways lol. He is standoffish and a loner to the world but to me he's my world!

Not weird to us either! Wdougwatson has been a supporter for Canna for quite some time. He has shown nothing but respect, and that goes a long way in my book. Our community may be small, but as you can see, with people like Doug, big or small, our community kicks ass, and will be here even if Steem hits zero! Thank you so much for your write up Rachael. Ill be honest, I am more motivated to keep this project going more then ever!!

To all my Canna people, much love and respect. Have a great Thanksgiving!!



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I really appreciate being featured in this.
She describes me pretty well, I'm a hardcore nostalgia nerd. 😁

I have found many places on the web over the years that feel like home and I'm proud to say that the Canna community is the newest place on that list. It's nice when you find layed back friendly people you can relate to.

Another thing I'm really glad i found? @rachaeldwatson ! If i was one of you poor suckers reading this, I'd be jealous of this cat who has a woman that loves him that much. Sorry lads, she's all mine.

If you are someone who just stumbled across this love letter that has been immortalized on the blockchain but don't know much about our community, come check us out. There are cooler people than me here, and I'm pretty fucken cool (and modest).

Thanks again for the mention, and a special thanks to my wife who makes me feel like someone important every day.



Aww know I'd be lost without ya! No one else has the patience with me like you do. You never complain when I ask 10 times in a day what day is it and so on. I'm so truly grateful you're in my life. As I are my world❤

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Nicley put bro! Glad to got to know you and racheal as well!


I am! .... Poor @wdougwatson still at work. I'll have him one ready when he gets home tho😁

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Hey @canna-curate, here is a little bit of BEER from @jonyoudyer for you. Enjoy it!