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So you may be wondering, "Where is the Canna shirt?" Not for this Canna Dude! @dynamicgreentk has been hitting the gym and the coffee enemas. Mr. abs is one of the OG Canna Steemians, and is founder of Dynamic Steemians. His curation trail is quite possibly the most under rated curation trail on the Steem Block chain. If you are not on it, please visit his Discord and inquire on how to get started, just make sure you tell him that the Guys Of Cannabis sent you.


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He got those abs by coughing from bong hits lol


If your right, i never want to be wrong.

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Where's the cannabis? :P


He smoked it all, ;). Stay tuned till see mr. abs re ups, and we can arrange a private smoke session hahahha

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We support your trail over here my good man and I am following you guys from steemauto.com

Sharing the steem is what its all about :) @gregorypatrick

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Thanks @arcange! Maybe you can join our server, it would be an honor!