Earth Day Is Everyday!

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What's up Weedcash! Today I bring you an OG Steemian, @elamental founder of @earthtribe. He has been blogging since the summer of 2016. Not only does he blog about the sacred herb cannabis, but you can also see him blogging under the Steem Silver, and Gold community tag #ssg. Elamental has been a big inspiration for me to improve my blogging skills. If you go to his page, you will see nothing but top shelf material. If you ever want to improve your Steem game, just follow this guy, and maybe you will get inspired just like I was.

Elamental has been apart of @canna-curate since the first week, and since then he has played a big part with his influence with his project @earthtribe, and with his big role in @tribesteemup, which was the inspiration for Canna-Curate. When he is not busy Steeming, he is making the world a better place, with one earth deed at a time, or he is busy making music. Check out his Soundcloud page here. Trust me, his Emcee skills do not dissapoint. Mad respect for all that you do Elamental, and keep doing you, and inspiring us all within the cannabis community!



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Thank you so much for this wonderful post about me. Seeing things like this reminds me that I am important in this world's story, and I am needed in more ways than one. Its easy to forget when the world keeps slapping you in the face to show it's gratitude... thank god for real friends like you that stick by my side... I have lost very important people in my life recently, after being betrayed by the one closest to me. Doing my best to pick up the pieces of my shattered life, and praying that my closer friends will accept me again. The hardest part is loosing close friends, but I have also suffered the death of my cousin Ryan (39) and my friend from high school Zach (34) last week. Make your days count for something worthy, because they are numbered. I keep that thought close now, and there is no way I am going to give up no matter what happens... I will fight for what I feel is right till my last breath. Love you brother, bless up.


Sorry to here about your lost man. Thats shitty. Yoi know where ti find me if you need someone to listian


Much love brother! We respect yiu, and your a valued member of the Steem community.

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Thanks Dave!

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