Guys Of Cannabis Is Back!

3년 전

Hello ladies of Steem. Sorry for the long absence from the block chain, but I will do my best to come out with at least 1 post per week to showcase the cool dudes we have part of the Steem/Weedcash Canna community.


Peaking through the canopy of his Blueberry Muffin. He has been Steeming since July of 2017. Wallet the size of a minnow, but a heart the size of a whale. Loves long walks on the beach, and don't worry gals, this cowboy loves to kiss, but never will tell. He does not post much these day's, but you will see him manual curating for the cannabis community, with the @canna-curate account. His outlook on Steem changes day by day, but overall it is a positive one, and is in it for the long ride.

What does cannabis mean to you?

"Cannabis is medicine. In all forms of use. It helps clear your head, relieves stress, and enhances life."


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@jonyoudyer has a heart of gold! And is one of the most dedicated Steemians/cannabis enthusiasts that we have here!

Great showcasing, and well deserved shout out for jonyoudyer!!!


Nice job Jon...


lol I'm not Jon I'm @futuremind :)

Do we look alike? 😂


THanks ladies.


Ofmg! I can’t breathe Hahaha! I guess so!
Looking need a blunt.


This is a tight pic gf. Would you mind if I did a a guy of cannabis post with this pic in the near future? Talk about your hemp farming, activism, and doggo. Oh yeah and all liquid rewards will be sent to you.

Just love this network.
Full of genuine nice Dudes.
Living life to the full. And enjoying the new freedom spreading around our beautiful planet.
More power to the greatest Herb ever grown.😎😎

There is a 'guys of cannabis' thing? Awesome. Love Jony 🧡🧡🧡🌱

I’d add:

He’s not afraid to show his sensitive side as he longingly gazes through his favourite blueberry muffin.

Because that’s what friends are for...

Well done! ;)


NO he is not, ;)

Jon’s the heart of the cannabis community here on the steem blockchain. By heart, I mean both the central driving force that works constantly to oxygenate our individual cells, and the source of true benevolence that comes from the eternal soul. His community building efforts in the cannabis community are the reason I feel comfortable blogging about cannabis here.

Thanks Jon. Thanks @guysofcannabis. Great pic! I saw that Blueberry Muffin was chosen as a top strain (cultivar, to use the parlance of our time lol) of 2019. ✌️💚😎


That's a badge of honor. Thanks. Its easy to do because its fun. But truly I think we have some great people here, and supporting their efforts is what its all about, while showing the world that Cannabis is great!

Can we get a reclined pose semi naked in front of your plants? What about a calender for sale on homesteaders co op? Im.not even joking.

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LOl. Quite possibly.